Illuminate Respite

The theme of the 2019 ARCH National Conference will be “Illuminate Respite.” This theme is inspired by the rich history of Buffalo, located on the shores of Lake Erie near Niagara Falls. In the late 19th century, Buffalo was the first city to implement widespread streetlights, earning it the nickname, “The City of Light.” During this time Buffalo was a hub of innovation, using natural power to bring light and growth to the city. This conference will provide a space to harness the power of the network to explore and formulate strategy to shine a light on the respite needs of 43 million caregivers.  CONFERENCE WEBSITE

April 30-May 2, 2019

Adam's Mark Hotel and Conference Center | 120 Church Street | Buffalo, NY

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South Carolina Attendees are Buffalo Bound!

2018 Lifespan Respite Sustainability Summit

On October 18th, 130 people convened in Albany for the first Lifespan Respite Sustainability Summit.  Participants included representatives from aging and disability networks across the state, ARCH National Respite, Lifespan/New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition, the New York State and Monroe County Offices for the Aging. 


The summit was held at the Hearst Media Center in Albany, New York. About 130 people attended the day-long event that was hosted by the NY State Caregiving and Respite Coalition (NYSCRC) and the NY State Office for the Aging (NYSOFA). The objectives for the event were to:

  • Identify state-level policy and program needs and goals related to respite care services for children, adults, and aging population.

  • Strengthen state and community partnerships to sustain Lifespan Respite activities.

  • Develop strategies to maximize use of existing respite resources

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Caregiver Simulation Experience

Interested in bringing a Caregiver Simulation to your community?  Contact Doris Green

What better way to understand caregivers, than to spend a few hours in their shoes. This active simulation allows participants to experience a fraction of the challenges caregivers face, day in and day out. Each participant will be assigned a role, and will have tasks, dilemmas and opportunities to navigate throughout the afternoon. We believe that this experience can develop empathy for caregivers, care receivers and agencies who are involved along the way. We invite you to join us in this simulation as a way of better understanding caregivers, so that we may then effectively engage them.  See what people are saying.


For more information contact Doris Green at NYSCRC 585-287-6393

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