What is Respite?

Respite is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for that child or adult.

NY Connects is a trusted resource for anyone who needs information and assistance with linking to long term services and supports. NY Connects can help you understand your care options, find services, learn about supports in caregiving, get answers about health insurance options, and more.


Grandparent/Kinship Care
A growing number of grandparents and other older relatives find themselves caring for their grandchildren and other relative children due to death, substance abuse, mental illness, incarceration, military deployment and other reasons.

Kinship Navigator is an on-line statewide resource for information and referral where you can access information on laws, legal rights and issues on custody and visitation, eligibility for benefits and entitlement programs, tax credits, respite care and other local services. You can also call their toll-free number at 1-877-454-6463 to speak to a representative.


Alzheimer's Reading Room - Reports on new Alzheimer's research and documents the author's personal experience with caregiving.

Caregiving with Purpose - Award-winning blog written by Dr. Ina Gilmore about fictional character Lisa's jorney through the stages of caregiving.

Caregiving.com Blogs - Family caregivers' personal blogs that cover a variety of topics; it includes the blog of caregiving expert Denise Brown.

The Caregiver's Voice - Written by caregiving expert Brenda Avadian, this blog brings humor and inspiration to caregiving topics.

The Unprepared Caregiver - Written by former caregiver Dr. Azchary White, this honest and informative blog discusses the challenges of caregiving and ways to cope.

What's Hot in PD? - Monthly blog by National Parkinson's Foundation Director Dr. Michael Okun with the latest Parkinson's news and research