Respite and Medicaid Long Term Care

Medicaid Managed Long Term Care (MMLTC) programs provide community based care services for people with long lasting health problems or disabilities. These services are paid for by Medicaid.

In many cases - access to these services assist the care receiver AND the caregiver.  Often allowing scheduled time off or the ability to go to work everyday and still keep a loved one in the community.

Many people believe that they do not qualify for Medicaid because their monthly income is above the Medicaid allowable limit of $825.

The answer: 


The purpose of a pooled trust is to shelter excess income (also referred to as a "spend down") so it is not counted by Medicaid, thereby making a person eligible for Medicaid and the Managed Long Term Care Programs.

Medicaid is a health insurance program for the poor. In order to qualify, one must have income and assets below a certain limit. For a single elderly or disabled person in NY in 2017, these limits are $825 /mo. of income and $14,550 in total assets. The income limits for people disabled, age 65+ or blind). Due to the high cost of living and medical services , many people find that they are barely scraping by and considered "too rich" to qualify for Medicaid.

Fortunately, by using a pooled trust to shelter excess income - Medicaid eligibility is possible.

 The monthly spend down or excess income is deposited into the trust, the trust can then pay monthly bills, such as rent, mortgage, taxes, cable, phone, utilities etc.  The disbursements from the trust must ALWAYS be for the sole benefit of the trust participant.

A pooled trust is a trust established and administered by A Non - profit organization. A separate account is established for each beneficiary, but for the purposes of investment and management, the trust pools the money of each participant.

Caregivers can benefit greatly by helping their loved ones qualify for Medicaid using a trust. By getting help into the home - caregiver burden can be  dramatically reduced.   

Medicaid Managed Long term care services include: 

Health Services - nursing, home health aides
Personal Care - Help with bathing, dressing and household chores.
Adult Day Health Care
Social Day Care
Nursing Home Care
Specialty Health - Audiology, Dental, Optometry and physical therapy.
Home Delivered Meals
Personal Emergency
  Response systems and Transportation to medical appointments

For more information contact:

New York Medicaid Choice
1-888-401-6582\TTY 1888-329-1541

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