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About the
New York State Caregiving
& Respite Coalition

The New York State Caregiving and Respite Coalition (NYSCRC) is a partnership of dedicated organizations and individuals committed to supporting the millions of informal caregivers throughout the state.  The coalition and its members are passionate about helping connect caregivers with the information, training and support services critical to successfully caring for a loved one at home.  NYSCRC members are committed to addressing the current and future needs of those engaged in family caregiving across the lifespan.

Because statistics show that the number of traditional caregivers are decreasing in many parts of the state, a more innovative approach to supporting those who care for our most frail and vulnerable population is needed.  With the help of the Lifespan Respite Grant, NYSCRC is working to develop a comprehensive, sustainable program with the goal of training hundreds of volunteer respite providers throughout the state.  Greater availability to respite services will give caregivers more frequent breaks while helping them better manage the physical and emotional stresses that come with caring for an aging and/or disabled loved one. 

NYSCRC is committed to helping caregivers of all types across the age and disability spectrum.  By supporting important initiatives like the volunteer respite program while sharing best practices from across New York, NYSCRC will take an active role in improving the lives of informal caregivers throughout their community, and the over four million family caregivers across the state. 

Funded with a federal grant for Lifespan Respite awarded by the Administration for Community Living to the New York State Office for the Aging.
Award Number 90LI0023-01011

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